Reaction Systems' Services

Kinetic Mechanism Development and Reduction

Catalyst Development and Characterization

Thermally Stable and Wall-Mounted Catalysts

Kinetic Analysis of Catalytic and Gas Phase Reactions

Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics

Automated Catalyst Testing Systems

Thermal Management for Hypersonic Aircraft

Mechanical Design

Chemical Reactor Design



Reaction Systems maintains a modern, 3500 ft² experimental facility.  We have three fully automated experimental chemical reactors that use National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software for data acquisition and control.  Product analysis is carried out either by gas chromatography or on-line IR instrumentation.  We can carry out reactions at high pressure and temperature and the system automation allows us to conduct extended durability testing at minimal cost.  The laboratory contains equipment to synthesize catalysts in a variety of physical configurations and to characterize important parameters including total surface area (BET) and active metal surface area (chemisorption).  Other instrumentation includes a FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera and residual gas analyzer. Finally, the laboratory contains supporting equipment, including hoods, furnaces, experimental benches, standard glassware etc.