Custom Ceramic Choked Flow Venturis

Reaction Systems, Inc. has developed a new line of
robust high temperature ceramic choked flow venturis for use in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres at temperatures up to 2700°F (1480°C). These venturis are constructed from a low thermal expansion and highly thermal shock tolerant material that can withstand rapid changes in gas temperature while providing accurate metering of high pressure, high temperature gas flows. Ceramic sonic metering nozzles are also resistant to oxidation, allowing them to be used in situations where a venturi constructed from stainless steel would suffer throat erosion and increases in throat roughness. Throat inserts of other refractory materials can also be accommodated. Due to the low thermal conductance of the ceramic insert, the outer metal body can be constructed of materials that are compatible with the rest of your system. Standard body materials include 17-4PH and 316L stainless steels, nickel-based superalloys, and low carbon steel. A wide variety of external body threads and fittings are also available including Swagelok, VCR, aircraft AN, and SAE straight threads with O-ring seals, and can be customized to fit your requirements.

Custom Ceramic Choked Flow Venturis Images
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Brad Hitch, Chief Engineer
Reaction Systems, Inc.
Available in Custom Throat
Diameters from
0.062 to 0.5+ inches
(1.5 to 12.7+ mm)